Award Categories


The 2017 Commerce and Industry Awards will be celebrating and honoring players in the Business Community of Nigeria who have excelled in their various fields of endeavor, delivering social impact, causing change in the economic landscape and delivering on promise in 2016. Each Year, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry seeks to recognize those who have helped move our community and economic vision forward.

The award recognizes and celebrates firms and individuals who have distinguished themselves by fostering growth, innovation, community service and excellence in their sectors. It is important to note that they are selected as a tribute to their collective achievements.

Nominees must have performed extremely and equally well in all five core judging criteria, namely business and company, management philosophies, products and markets, operations and technologies as well as financial performance.

Companies and high institutions in both public and private sectors are therefore invited to send in their entries for the various categories; Infrastructure Deal of the Year, CSR Company of the Year, Investor of the Year, Brand of the Year , Service Excellence in Banking, Service Excellence in Telco, Insurance Company of the Year, SME friendly Bank, Agricultural Friendly Bank, Investment Bank of the Year, Architectural Design of the Year, Real Estate Developer of the Year, Backward Integration Champion, PPP Success Award, Creativity and Innovation Award, E-Payment Value Delivery Award, E-Commerce Award, Sustainable Environment Award and the LCCI Legacy Award.

Nomination forms can be downloaded and filled HERE


    Infrastructure is the basic physical systems of a business or nation; transportation, communication, sewage, water and electric systems are all examples of infrastructure. These systems tend to be high-cost investments; however, they are vital to a country’s economic development and prosperity. Projects related to infrastructure improvements may be funded publicly, privately or through public-private partnerships.

    So therefore, companies who have excelled in; (IT) infrastructure, Educational and health care facilities may also apply for nominations, along with certain research and development functions and necessary training facilities.


    This is a distinctive category which serves as a premier recognition for brands recognized as champions  in its industry category based on current year market standing and consumer preference. It honors only that single brand in each category every year which dominantly led through all the levels of selection criteria.

    This award is presented to some of the best national brands for their work and achievements in branding. Nominations for the awards can be made by brands owners, custodians, agencies or the general public. Nominees for this category will be judged through, brand valuation, consumer market research, and stringent assessment process would be made to determine the level of work put in by a brand for their branding activities. The level of trust that the brands’ customers and the general public has about the brand are also taken into account.



    The Investor of the Year Award category aims to recognize and reward excellence in close-ended fund management. This category highlights investment companies that produce consistent performance and where there is, in the judges’ opinion, a high likelihood that the investors will not be disappointed in the future. Parameters used in the evaluation includes; Generation of new earnings/savings of forex, Creation of employments opportunities (above 50 jobs gets full marks), Project multiplier effects (backward/forward), Evidence of quality control & competitiveness internationally, Use of local materials (inputs), Enhancement of job skills, Environmental considerations, Level of investment and capital inflow, Introduction of new improved products on the market and Social contribution and welfare.




    Companies enlisting for this category should please explain how they have achieved extraordinary results in CSR and sustainability programs over time, but particularly in the last year. Show how your organization has demonstrated a dedication to executing these initiatives, from both a strategic and implementation standpoint.

    This honor is presented to a company with the most commendable efforts in championing sustainable responsible business practices. The recipient must adopt an ethical and comprehensive approach to profit, planet, and people. The winning company must take on a visible role in the society which goes beyond the core business and law requirements, is well reflected in the company’s policies and operations, and ultimately adds value for the company and the society at large.



    The award recipient must exhibit entrepreneurial spirit and must be originated from small and medium businesses. His/her achievements must be impressive enough to inspire the aspirations of thousands of SME entrepreneurs who are looking for a role model to emulate, especially as a CEO or Managing Director of a listed company.

    SMEs that were formerly family-owned, but have grown beyond the size of SMEs to a public listed corporation- equivalent business entity or a public listed corporation are eligible. Nominees must have performed extremely and equally well in all five core judging criteria, namely business and company, management philosophies, products and markets, operations and technologies as well as financial performance.

    Nominees must be either the intellectual property owner of its product innovations, the legitimate promoter of a business model that presents a new business concept or the bold but sensible creator of a new market. The company must be able to present a unique, competitive and potential business concept and/or strategy yet to be executed and/or successful.


    This category is open to financial institutions that places focus on providing excellent and genuine customer service; and has differentiated itself from its competition, with an improved brand’s reputation by creating customer loyalty and trust.

    Nominees must show developed Standards for Customer Service, Improved digital and mobile banking, to cover low-serviced areas or with built business models based on refined customer’s segmentation, in line with digital marketing and customer service strategies..


    Good customer service practices are essential to achieving customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty in every industry and market, including the Telecommunication industry. The LCCI awards will reward Service Excellence based on values and beliefs in any organization that reinforces the idea that providing the customer with high quality service is the principal concern of the business.

    Nominees should be brands that have been recognized as the standard of excellence in the telecommunications industry, offering high quality products with a promise of excellence, dedication to knowledge, emphasis on teamwork and an eye towards addressing customer needs and delivering unsurpassed service.


    The award is presented to the organization operating in Nigeria’s Agribusiness sector that can best demonstrate excellence and innovation. This Award category recognizes exceptional achievement of a successful individual or couple, who derive most their income from normal production risk, for involvement in agriculture, leadership ability and participation in the industry and with other organizations.

    A Professional service provider that has provided an outstanding and comprehensive service to the agribusiness sector in the country over the past 12 months can also enter.



    This award recognizes a project, action or initiative that demonstrates true innovation. This may be a creative solution to a challenging issue or a distinct new method or approach.  This award recognizes the most effective use of technology in any business sector. This may be via the introduction of a new technological product or by using existing technology more efficiently.

    This award will recognize those firms that are leaders in the field of innovative technology, and ultimately reward who is the best of the best in this increasingly important category. If the innovation is technology based, please enter for nomination.


    The LCCI Chamber and Commerce Awards will recognize and reward those Investment Banks who have been the most innovative in their field over the last 12 months.

    These asset managers will be recognized for offering what top-of-the-line banks provide: much-needed capital for economic growth, cutting-edge innovation to improve security and efficiency, intelligent investing to maximize profits and shareholder value.


    Every year brokers, developers, architects, contractors and others in the development community should submit their biggest, best and most complex projects throughout the Bay Area for consideration in this awards program. This award is also eligible for developers that have best exemplified leadership and innovation in the commercial real estate market.

    Nominees should detail their portfolio’s innovation or ground broken or project completed between specified dates through the incorporation of sustainability, technology, building wellness and resiliency as they apply to development and building operations. The developer(s) should be listed as the developer of record on the project.


    Projects in this category must fit within the definition of a public-private partnership: a contractual arrangement that is formed between a public or governmental agency and a private company that can include a variety of activities that involve the private company in the development, financing, ownership and/or operation of a public facility or service. In such a partnership, public and private resources are pooled and responsibilities divided so that the partners’ efforts complement one another.

    Projects must demonstrate the benefits of P3s, including: shared income resulting from partnership in direct proportion to the partners’ investment, cost savings, improved service delivery and/or increased efficiency in operation.


    This category is set to recognize outstanding groups and individual contributions to Energy conservation and/or environmental stewardship practices within the Department. The program highlights the outstanding contributions and efforts of the Commerce workforce and as a method to increase awareness and promote additional innovative efforts across the entire Department. This award recognizes individual employees and teams that exemplify exceptional sustainability, energy, and/or environmental performance within their program, career field, or organization. The LCCI will honor innovative projects that have achieved extraordinary environmental results by harnessing the power of partnership.


    Open to all Nigerian authorized insurers, this category looks to reward those general insurance firms that demonstrate a commitment to meeting customer needs and to delivering a high quality of service across all activities as part of the overall financial strategy, where the operational activities are both driven by, and reinforce the investment policy. Examples may include M&A activity, new markets or restructuring to deliver results.

    This category will recognize and honor the achievements of insurance companies in Nigeria that have met measurable and tangible business objectives. It is open to all FCA-regulated insurance brokers, appointed representatives and independent intermediaries serving the SME and mid-corporate markets.


    The Nigerian Government has set a minimum local content target of 75% by 2010 for all works and contracts to be undertaken in or on behalf of all oil & gas companies operating in the Nigerian oil & gas industry. This target is fully supported by the oil & gas companies operating in Nigeria.  This award recognizes implementation of policies that ensure significant participation by local companies and citizens, in both direct employment and in awarding contracts. It also considers regulations tailored to the absorptive capacity of national industry.

    The award also recognizes country-based Local content strategies that satisfy business plans, meet Local content obligations, and strengthen backward-linkages and local supplier competitiveness.

    This is to reward engineering excellence, project execution and management. It aims to highlight achievements in surmounting specific engineering challenges, whether in complex and difficult environments, in executing a precision task, or in solving specific engineering problems in new ways; and those companies which undertake a construction or infrastructure project in any part of the oil and gas arena including pipelines, liquefied natural gas, refining, offshore oil, civil, electrical, and mechanical. Companies may use any relevant project work as an example of their expertise in the oil and gas sector.


    LCCI Chamber and Commerce awards is looking to recognize and reward companies that are enhancing customer experience and personalization, increasing sales revenue, improving product sourcing and delivery, and enabling a more digital workforce. We are looking for emerging brands, marketing tools, e-commerce platforms or consumer technology start-ups that are leading the way in millennial engagement


    This award acknowledges the fact that mobile technology is becoming a game-changer in the financial services and retail sectors. The winning entry will come from an organization which has created an innovative and customer-friendly e-payments solution. Entries could involve a payments app or a wider mobile payments offering.